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CPPS has worked together with thousands of organizations–large and small–to bring them into compliance with the American National Standard and create safe work environments for their most valuable asset–their employees.
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About Us

Center for Personal Protection and Safety


CPPS is the leading developer and provider of scalable training and consulting solutions in the U.S. for Workplace Violence Prevention, Active Shooter Response, and International Travel Safety. CPPS was founded in Spokane, Washington by its CEO, Randy Spivey, in 2002. In 2015, the company relocated its headquarters to Reston, Virginia, and established the Global Training Center. CPPS has worked together with thousands of organizations–large and small –to include over 50% of Fortune 100 corporations, over 1600 colleges and universities; 2000 hospitals and many of the largest non-profit/charitable organizations in the U.S.


1881 Campus Commons Drive, Suite 203

Reston, VA 20191