CPPS | Trends and Insights
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Trends and Insights

Stay up to date on the latest developments at CPPS, recent trends in workplace violence prevention and insights into world news.

  • 700 Club Features CPPS High Risk Travel

    Increased terrorism around the world means an increased risk for travelers – but that doesn’t mean you need to throw away your passport and stay home...

  • Introducing New CPPS Video Production

    CPPS is excited to announce the development and upcoming release of its newest video program “When Lightning Strikes – How to Recognize and Survive an Extreme Violence Event”.

  • Parents Feature CPPS CEO Randy Spivey

    ``It seems like you can't watch the news these days without seeing another scary story—terrorist attack...``

  • Threat Management Team Training Service Update

    CPPS is blending two services to assist organizations in implementing and maintaining a comprehensive Threat Management program...

  • Announcing ARC Training Partnership

    CPPS is proud to announce a partnership with ARC Training from the United Kingdom. ARC Training specializes in preparing security professionals from all over the world with the knowledge...

  • Introducing: Safe Harbor

    In recent months, request have been increasing for the delivery of a comprehensive eLearning Course organizations can insert on their Learning Management System to provide Safe Travel...

  • Wall Street Journal Features CPPS

    On February 9, 2017, the Wall Street Journal published a comprehensive article and video on the CPPS Advanced High Risk Travel Course...