Announcing ARC Training Partnership

Providing CPP and PSP Board Certifications

CPPS is proud to announce a partnership with ARC Training from the United Kingdom. In short, ARC Training “specialises in preparing security professionals from all over the world with the knowledge, skills and ability to make a valuable contribution to organisational objectives and to enhance professional credibility.” We’re partnering with ARC Training to continue our dedication to providing quality services to our clients for increasing safety and security of individuals and organizations. Namely, we’ll be partnering with ARC to provide preparatory courses for ASIS International CPP and PSP Board Certifications beginning in August. ARC Training is renowned in Europe for providing world class training for security professionals who are pursuing continuing education. Our partnership will help this professional organization provide their training in the U.S.

CPPS is excited about this partnership and we invite you to join us for our first Intensive CPP Course being held August 28th through September 1st. If you’re interested in pursuing your CPP certification, this course will prepare you for the test to become certified. More than 90% of the graduates of this course pass the CPP exam on the first try. Please follow the link below for more information and registry.