RELEASING: Beyond Lockdown – Preventing and Responding to Extreme School Violence

Endorsed by FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association

Sandy Hook, Columbine, Virginia Tech—each of these names represent a school or university, but also a tragedy, something that seems like it should never be able to happen. The reality, though, is that although unlikely, extreme violence can and does occur in our schools. But most of us don’t realize that, in many cases, extreme school violence can be prevented. And if it does occur, the damage can be minimized when school staff and students are trained on what to look for before things go bad and learn how to respond effectively if violence does erupt.

CPPS has partnered with thousands of organizations providing practical expertise to help organizations develop their Workplace Violence Prevention and Active Shooter Response programs.

It’s been our commitment to provide efficient solutions that allow the individual to take purposeful action to concerning situations and allow for organizations to be prepared for proper intervention techniques to mitigate violence. On more than one occasion, clients have sent word back to us, letting us know that because of the training they received, countless lives were saved.

Kids Running

To that end, CPPS is committed to bringing these same solutions to all K-12 schools throughout our communities. To begin, we’ve developed a brand-new video program in response to the recent events that have occurred, some as recent as this year. As part of our commitment to keeping our children safe, we’re releasing Beyond Lockdown, Preventing and Responding to Extreme School Violence. This is a training program for age appropriate children, teachers, faculty, and staff, that will show them how to prevent school violence and how to effectively respond if violence does erupt. Furthermore, due to the unfortunate prevalence, we discuss suicide to help spread awareness that it can also be prevented. Our mission is to get this program into every school across the U.S.

CPPS is fortunate to have the FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association behind this initiative with their full endorsement of the program, which is linked below for a preview. You can also see their endorsement letter in the other link below.

Lastly, our CEO, Randy Spivey is featured in the linked video below to talk more about the program and how you can get involved. We understand this is a very large initiative, so we are inviting you, our partners in the industry to help us in this endeavor.

Please reach out to us for any questions regarding this program.