Preventing and Responding to

Extreme School Violence

As school violence continues to spread across the country, lawmakers, school officials and students are looking for effective ways to confront this increasing risk. But the reality is that students don’t “just snap” … and almost always there are observable warning signs on the path to violence. These warning signs are opportunities to intervene if recognized early… and responded to appropriately.

Because of this, CPPS is producing a new video, “Beyond Lockdown – Preventing and Responding to Extreme School Violence.” This 12-minute program, scheduled for release in June 2018, is designed to educate students, parents, teachers, counselors, and administrators how to recognize warning signs that a student may be progressing towards violence, and how to respond effectively if violence does erupt.

Specifically, “Beyond Lockdown” is designed to help students and adults become stakeholders in their own safety and security by providing training on the following:

Myths about Extreme School Violence

How to recognize “Behaviors of Concern” in students

How to respond and report “Behaviors of Concern” when they are observed

How to recognize early indicators that an Extreme Violence event may be about to occur

The difference between how “trained’ and “untrained” individuals respond in a crisis

The role individuals have in surviving the “Extreme Danger Gap” - the timeframe from the onset of violence until the arrival of Law Enforcement

Beyond Lockdown - Individual response strategies for surviving an Extreme School Violence event

What to do when Law Enforcement arrives

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