WPV Individual Certification

Two-day Seminar

For years, professionals have relied on CPPS to enhance their Workplace Violence Prevention programs, to mitigate threats from becoming violent, and create training systems that promote organizational confidence and resiliency.


Organizations are increasingly understanding the liability exposure of workplace violence and the imperative need for effective training programs. As a result, CPPS has created the “CPPS Level 1 Workplace Violence Prevention Certification Program” … an individual certification to help organizations meet their training needs and promote a safer workplace by creating a focal point for an organization’s Workplace Violence Prevention program. Upon completing the course exam, graduates will have a strong capability to provide confidence-building training to their organization’s personnel.

Individual Requirements:

  • Competent instructional ability
  • Attend two day course
  • Pass course exam
  • Recertify annually

Course Content:

  • Defining and Understanding Workplace Violence
  • Organizational Recognition of and Responding to Behaviors of Concern
  • Organizational Reporting Processes, Procedures, and Techniques
  • Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence…the Impact on the Workplace
  • Extreme Violence Readiness, Response, and Recovery
  • How to Obtain “buy-in” from Senior Leaders for your Organization’s WPV Program
  • Understanding Workplace Violence Prevention Compliance Directives and Standards and their Impact on Liability Exposure

$2995.00 per person

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