When Lightning Strikes Release

How to Recognize and Respond to an Extreme Violence Event

The odds of being involved in an extreme violence situation are similar to those of being struck by lightning. But lightning does strike, extreme violence situations do happen, and when they do the results can be catastrophic. History shows that immediate and effective action of people on-scene is the most successful way to minimize and/or stop the violence. The key to survival is a proactive mind-set.

Today, CPPS is officially releasing our newest video training program: WHEN LIGHTNING STRIKES — How to Recognize and Respond to an Extreme Violence Event!

Considering the recent acts of violence around the world, it was important that this program reflect more threats than the stereotypical Active Shooter in the workplace. WHEN LIGHTNING STRIKES engages multiple threats like armed threats, bomb threats, knife threats and vehicle threats. And since these events continue to occur in locations outside of the standard workplace, we’re including scenes that range from arenas, malls, movie theaters, campuses, houses of worship and workplaces.

This program is designed to increase the confidence of people in workplaces, but we also recognize the value this program has for the entire family of your organizations employees. As part of an Enterprise License purchase, this program will be authorized for families to be able to view as well!

Please contact us if you’d like to see the full version. This video is available for purchase in DVD format with an option of instructional courseware.  Additionally, Enterprise Licensing options are available.

CPPS would also like to extend a huge thank you to our sponsors who supported the development of this program.

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