Parents Feature CPPS CEO Randy Spivey

7 Ways to Prepare Your Kids for an Emergency

“It seems like you can’t watch the news these days without seeing another scary story—terrorist attack. Hate crime. Active shooter. It’s enough to make most parents want to bundle their kids off to a bomb shelter to keep them safe.

But even though you’re afraid—and even though it may seem like it’s happening everywhere— in reality, you’re about as likely to win the lottery as you are to be involved in an attack of this sort. “The likelihood is less than being struck by lightning,” says Randy Spivey, founder of the Center for Personal Protection & Safety in Reston, Virginia. “We want to enjoy the world that’s out there, but do that in a safe way. Having a little training and understanding can minimize the chances it happens to you.”

But how do you prep your kids—and yourselves—for the worst-case scenario without developing a paranoia of public spaces? Here’s how to get started with this kind of safety training…”