Part Three – Components of a SAFE Workplace

How Managers and Supervisors can be Assets in the Program

Probably the largest gap we see in Workplace Violence Prevention Programs at CPPS is the training provided for frontline managers and supervisors. When it comes to the level of preparation for Workplace Violence Prevention, Management for organizations tends to fall into three categories. The first is they receive the same awareness level training that the rest of the employees receive. In other cases, they don’t receive any training at all. The last group would be those that receive the training appropriate for managers and supervisors. Because management level employees are often the first recipient of information regarding concerning behavior, they need enhanced knowledge of how to respond and handle the information they’ve been provided. General awareness training, like we discussed in the last newsletter, is the baseline for managers but they need to go deeper.

For example, the American National Standard WVPI.1-2011 states that training for management needs to provide further emphasis on how to better identify concerning behavior and how to correctly report information under the Workplace Violence Prevention Policy.

Additionally, we’ve been seeing at CPPS, a significant increase in training for management on de-escalation techniques. This is important. Not only should management understand when one of their employees is acting in a concerning fashion that may potentially lead to violence, but it’s advantageous to know how to mitigate problematic behavior and not make a situation worse.

Trained Managers and Supervisors will be able to better identify concerning behavior, determine when information is necessary to report to HR or the Threat Management Team, and be a conduit to de-escalate expressive encounters rather than make situations worse. Below you can view an example that CPPS utilizes for manager level training.

Workplace Violence Prevention – Guidance for Managers and Leaders

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