Part Two – Components of a SAFE Workplace

Awareness Level Training Applicable for all Employees

With the implementation of the guidance that will drive the program (see previous article here), the training that reinforces the policies can now be effectively rolled out across your organization. All training that will be provided from this program must support the organization’s policies. Policies that are compliant with the American National Standard will highlight that awareness level training needs to be provided across the enterprise.

There are five main categories that should be included in this training. The first topic would include basic facts about Workplace Violence. What is it? What is it not? Having a clear understating about what Workplace Violence is will help personnel being trained to identify that it’s not simply an Active Shooter situation, and that Workplace Violence covers a larger spectrum than simply physical violence.

The second topic would include information regarding what constitutes concerning behavior and how to recognize potential threats of violence. The next category will include reporting procedures that personnel can follow as outlined in the Workplace Violence Prevention Policy. This is an important component to include in the training because there may be an increase in reporting following the training and this will encourage the most efficient way to do so. One topic that can be easily missed, but needs to be included, is the issue of intimate partner violence and its impact on the workplace. Often, Workplace Violence incidents occur when a bad relationship at home spills over into violence in the workplace. The last important topic that needs to be incorporated in this training is how to respond to emergency situations like an Active Shooter.

By including these five topics, the outcome for the learner will be an understanding of how to be part of a comprehensive program in the workplace. The best way to provide this training is in a classroom environment with live training.  This allows attendees the opportunity for discussion and question asking.  If that’s not available, consider putting a tailored training module online that can be streamed by employees.  Training everyone in your organization will maximize opportunities for employees to be aware of concerning behavior and be able to do something before incidents become violent.

Training that includes these topics will align your training program with the ANSI Standard and OSHA Directive and will place context in the entire program that encourages prevention of potential violence rather than just response to an Active Shooter situation.

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