Preventing Violence on a Campus Setting

Recognizing Behaviors of Concern and Responding Effectively

In light of the recent tragedy in Parkland, Florida, CPPS is providing a preview of our video program FLASH POINT on Campus – Recognizing and Preventing Violence on Campus.

As we are seeing in this most recent incident, campus and workplace shootings are almost always preceded by behavioral red flags…but many are not trained how to recognize what these warning signs are… and what to do when they see them.

FLASH POINT on Campus is designed to educate students, teachers and parents how to recognize Behaviors of Concern and respond effectively to prevent violence from occurring.

FLASH POINT on Campus includes:

Understand what is meant by campus violence

Recognize common myths about campus violence

Recognize behaviors of concern before violence occurs

Recognize signs of stalking and intimate partner violence

Understand the importance of early action and options for responding to and reporting warning signs

Shots Fired on Campus Preview

To view this program in its entirety, please follow the link or contact CPPS below to learn more about how to effectively assess and manage campus and workplace threats.