Request for Active Shooter Response Training on the Rise

Is Active Shooter Response Training Enough?

With the increasing number of incidents over the past several years, the request for Active Shooter Response training is on the rise. However, is providing this kind of training to your organization sufficient for readiness against this type of risk and other violence in the workplace?

At CPPS, we suggest that the Active Shooter issue needs to be contextual with a larger program within your organization. It should include a layered program with Readiness, Response, and Recovery components built in. The Readiness component would include everything an organization can do to prepare for a possible active shooter situation. The planning, the protocols, and training would be involved in this stage.

Response would be what’s included for an incident that is occurring. Lastly, Recovery would entail the steps that need to be taken to ensure regular business operations can resume and that the individuals affected can move forward effectively.

Many times, Active Shooter Response Training is typically a component of a larger Workplace Violence Prevention program. In 2011, ASIS International and the Society for Human Resources Management partnered in publishing an American National Standard for Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention (WVPI.1-2011). This Standard has been identified as a key guideline for determining what a comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention program needs to include, not only in organizations but also in the courts. Briefly, the Standard outlines that organizations deciding to implement a Workplace Violence Prevention program need to include a policy, awareness training for all employees, specific training for managers, Threat Management team implementation and training, and executive level inclusion. Courts are recognizing that workplaces should have recognized the potential for workplace violence and need to be addressing the issue by building a program.

CPPS has monitored these trends and have been tailoring our programs to assist organizations to mitigate this liability exposure and create safe workplaces around the U.S. Over the past several months, CPPS has been introducing our SAFE Workplace Certification program. Its design is to assist organizations in becoming consistent with the American National Standard and other published directives. For those organizations that do so, CPPS will certify as a third party the accomplishment of the organization and as one of the benefits, we’ll stand by your side in the courts to testify on your behalf.

For more questions about what this Standard includes, contact us, or for an overview of the SAFE Workplace Certification program, please click below. CPPS will also be introducing webinars beginning next month to address topics like this in more depth.