SAFE Workplace Certification

Safe Workplace CPPS



The CPPS Safe Workplace Certification is earned by corporations, educational institutions, government agencies and non-profit organizations that, in partnership with CPPS, create and implement a comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention Program that meets recent OSHA Directive and the ASIS SHRM American National Standard.



To qualify for the CPPS Safe Workplace Certification, organizations are required to complete several initiatives to include:

Policy and Program Review

WPV Training for Senior Executives (2 Hours On-Site)

WPV Awareness Training for all Employees (eLearning or In-Person)

WPV Enhanced Training for Managers and Supervisors (eLearning or In-Person)

WPV Threat Management Team Training (In-Person)

Participation in the CPPS Threat Management Advisory Team Retainer Program



Each organization that receives the CPPS Safe Workplace Certification receives several significant benefits:

Use of CPPS SAFE Workplace Logo for Buildings and Personnel Recruiting

Peace of Mind - Knowledge that Company is Putting Important Processes in Place to Keep their Employees Safe

Potential Reduction in Corporate Liability Insurance Premiums

Reduced Liability Exposure in the Event of an Incident

Third Party Validation of Compliance with Key National Directives

Expert Witness Testimony from CPPS Subject Matter Experts in Event of an Incident and Subsequent Court Case

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