After 27 years as a security practitioner in both the public and private sector, I have never attended a course that was so impactful and relevant to my position as the Global Director of Security and Safety. The Advanced High Risk Travel course was the best training I have received relating to international travel awareness and abduction survival. I have strongly recommended that all of my high-profile travelers attend this program. The professionalism of your staff and instructors was outstanding.

Darin Goodwiller, CPP

Director of Safety & Security

Briggs & Stratton

Hands down, the best training I have received in the private sector.

Steve Kellner

Global Head of Intelligence & Risk Assessment – INT’L Security

Verizon Communications

And even though I knew we were role playing, it really caught me off guard. I learned a lot.

Rita Cosby
MSNBC-Rita Cosby Live

Randy Spivey brings a wealth of knowledge and credibility to the subject of personal security. His presentation is straight forward and compelling. We hope to book him again soon.

Ms. Terry Byington
Executive Director AeA – American Electronics Association

Excellent interaction using real life scenarios. I'd recommend this seminar to every federal employee.

Mr. Eric J. Meyer
Transportation Security Administration

The application and importance of this training goes way beyond just federal government, state department, or defense personnel.

Mr. Glen Woodbury
Director, WashingtonStateEmergency Management Division

Great presentation from folks that have the experience to validate it!

Brent Brantley
Contingency Director, Wycliffe Bible Translators

In today's world, the lessons taught here are truly invaluable to anyone traveling outside the United States.

Mr. Jared Wade
Associate Editor
Risk Management Magazine