Threat Management Team Training

One Day Seminar


Members of the Threat Management Team should receive the most detailed and comprehensive training regarding the behavioral or psychological aspects of workplace violence, violence risk screening, investigatory and intervention techniques, incident resolution, and multi-disciplinary case management strategies. This training will be conducted by Subject Matter Experts with proven experience in workplace violence prevention and intervention.

Threat Management

This is a one-day, intensive course that will include lecture, case examples, and practical exercises in the assessment and management of threats and threatening behavior in keeping with industry “Best practices,” the ASIS/SHRM WVPI.1-2011, American National Standard, Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention as well as the OSHA Instruction 02-01-058 Enforcement Procedures and Scheduling for Occupational Exposure to Workplace Violence.

Course Content

Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking, A Threat Assessment Perspective:

Definitions of intimate partner violence and stalking

Impact on the workplace

Behaviors of concern and assessing risk

Considerations for the management of these issues

Orders of protection

Suggestions for Safe Suspensions, Terminations, and Layoffs:

What is meant by a “soft landing?”

Considerations when planning for a suspension, layoff or termination

Case studies

Trend Issues and Insights Regarding the Prevention of Workplace Violence:

Latest statistics on workplace violence

SHRM/ASIS WPV Prevention & Intervention – the new “standard”

OSHA directive - enforcement procedures for investigating WPV incidents

Impact of the downturn in the economy

Myths and realities

The nature of violence and violent behavior

Behaviors of concern and response

Threat Assessment and Threat Management Insights on “Best Practices”:

Composition and role of the Threat Assessment Core Team

Principles of threat assessment/management

Strategies to manage threats and mitigate risk

Investigation & interviewing strategies

Legal & liability issues

Common problems faced by threat management teams

Active Shooter and the Role of the Threat Management Team: the Consequence Management


$749.00 per person

Government and Non-Profit call for price.

Course intended for training of individual Organizations’ Threat Management Team.

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