Ministry Security Course (MSC)

Offering Church Security Solutions for Churches of all Sizes

The Center for Personal Protection & Safety (CPPS) has earned a place of respected leadership in providing safety and security training for churches, mission groups, worldwide ministries, denominations, and Christian schools.

Reverend Jerry McConnell has directed the Ministry Outreach Division for CPPS since 2007 and is committed to sharing the message of awareness, confidence and hope. Reverend McConnell understands the critical nature of this subject matter, drawing on his 35+ years of experience as a full-time pastor in a variety of churches, large and small. “We are passionate about helping religious organizations create safe, secure environments for their people.”

Regional Ministry Security Courses (MSCs) are the cornerstone of our Ministry Outreach Division

  • Team of training experts travel to your area

  • Now working with over 40 percent of the largest churches in America

  • CPPS offers significant discounts for religious organizations (50-75%)

  • Gain a new confidence as you become equipped in a hands-on, interactive training environment, where security and safety are presented in a ministry-specific format

Covered in the Ministry Security Course:

Church Security Operations

  • Learn how to develop and implement a crisis management plan

  • Maximize the impact of available security staff, tools and technology

  • A “best practices” approach to church security that can be scaled to your resources and needs

  • Learn how to assess your church for critical security vulnerabilities

  • Learn how to build a church security team

Safeguarding Children, Church Members and Staff

  • Learn how to recognize signs of a potential crisis before it occurs

  • Be able to assess, prioritize and respond to security threats

  • Gain awareness on domestic violence issues and the impact at church

  • Learn how to respond to active shooter situations

  • Be able to deal with difficult people and diffuse potentially volatile situations

Safeguarding Your Missions Teams

  • Learn best practice travel safety principles and strategies for your volunteer mission teams

  • Teach your mission teams to be an unattractive target for thieves and kidnappers

  • “Best Practices” training for surviving hostage situations



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Peoria AZ

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May 3 

Silver Spring MD

Online: Click Here

Contact: Bjorn Waldron

at: 703-840-7425

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May 5 

Fredericksburg VA

Online: Click Here

Contact: Bjorn Waldron

at: 703-840-7425

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May 10 

Pittsburg PA

Online: Click Here

Contact: Courtney Furman

at: 814-618-5532


May 19 

Philadelphia PA

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Jun 21 

Gainesville VA

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*All course times are from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

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